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Nutrilent is the ultimate solution for meal replacement. Start Shopping 26 VITAMINS & MINERALS 100% VEGAN 32 gr. PLANT PROTEIN
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What is Nutrilent?

Nutrilent © contains the perfect amount of every protein, fiber, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and fatty acid your body needs on a daily basis. All packed into tasty and easy shakes.

Our body is a temple we need to take care of and cherish. Fueling it with the right ingredients will make it perform in optimal condition. However, performing this simple task costs
us great amounts of time and money.

That’s where Nutrilent comes in:

The meal replacement that will change your life without
spending hundreds of euros.


Why Nutrilent?

Nutrilent is totally vegan and contains 100% of all daily necessary nutrients divided into 3 meal shakes. ​

We packed Nutrilent into one single meal pack so you can take your meal where ever you go and no need carry around any scooping spoons. ​

Nutrilent comes in six delicious flavors that are naturally flavored.

Why wait any longer?

Nutrilent is packed with:

26 vitamins & minerals
32 grams of plant-based proteins
410 calories per pack
100% nutritionally Complete

Order today to start your healthy life with Nutrilent.



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