Good food should be three things:
healthy, tasty and affordable.

Good food should be three things:
healthy, tasty and affordable.


W E L C O M E  T O  N U T R I L E N T

Nutrition is the single most important thing in our lives. Our body is the most complicated and beautiful machine in the universe and fueling it perfectly will make it perform in optimal condition. However, performing this simple action costs great amounts of time and money. That is why we have been developing Nutrilent for the past 6 months. The cheapest, fastest and healthiest food ever created.

T H E  M O S T  A D V A N C E D  F O O D  Y E T

Nutrilent Super Food contains the perfect amount of every single nutrient your body needs. Every protein, fiber, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and fatty acid your body needs on a daily basis, packed into 3 tasty and easy shakes. You can live on Nutrilent for the rest of your life and you would probably be super healthy. We, however, envisioned it as the perfect meal replacement for the moments in life where you don’t have time to cook or eat.

Ask yourself the question.

When was the last time my body got every single nutrient it needed?

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What is Nutrilent Super Food made of?


Whey Protein

Whey protein is a dairy product with high protein content. Bodybuilders use whey protein on a daily basis since it’s perfect muscle food. We use the highest quality whey protein available in Nutrilent Super Food containing all essential amino acids.



Milled whole grain oats from European fields make nutritious flour, rich in valuable carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, unsaturated fat, minerals, vitamins an many more nutrients. The slow carbs in oat flour will provide your body with energy over an extended period of time without a rapid elevation in blood sugar.



The soybean is hailed as the most protective bean. Soy contains 40 percent protein and is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It has the highest protein content amongst plant products. Soybean is the only vegetable food that contains all eight essential amino acids.


Real Fruit Powder

Freeze drying fruit keeps more than 90% of the nutrients intact. There are 1200gr of fresh fruit in 100gr of fruit powder. Each bag of Nutrilent Super Food contains around 5 strawberries or half a banana.



Maltodextrin is a quickly digested carbohydrate that supplies the body rapidly with energy. We have created the perfect ratio of fast and slow carbs in Nutrilent. Making sure that your energy level stays constant during the day.


Vitamins & Minerals

The biggest portion of these key nutrients are present in our starting materials in their natural form. To get the remaining vitamins and minerals to 100% we use a custom developed vitamin and mineral premix. Nutrilent Super Food contains all vitamins and minerals, which the body needs on a daily basis.




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